All Change



(Side 1) At last. A book that looks at change management from the viewpoint of the individual project leader, not the overall organization. The Project Leader's Secret Handbook is written from your point of view. It accepts that your life is already busy without you having to follow long check-lists and do even more work. It pulls out the core which yields big results out of proportion to your efforts.

(Side 2) Infotech Solution's project leader is angry. Really Angry. So angry he has resigned. Why? Because he had to implement a major initiative and had failed. He had to change an entire organization's culture when they did not even undestand what a culture was. They were just too busy to re-think the way they were operating.
Now he's in France on a holiday of indeterminate length. He's got time to ponder over what went wrong, how it could have been approached. But it is the mysterious Franck who has the real answers…


Realistische kijk op projectmanagement. Interessante indeling van soorten projecten, met hun specifieke aanpak. Leuk verweven met het verhaal.


Part 1: Diagnosing your own project or chunk of change.
– 1. Is it worth doing
– 2. What type of change is it
– 3. What sort of problems should you expect
– 4. Which skills/tools should you focus on

Part 2: Try these
– 1. Learning to learn
– 2. Recognising stakeholders
– 3. Planning en co-ordinating
– 4. Working with and leading people

Part 3 : All those new words
– 1. Explanations